The Technological Singularity Book (call for chapters)


This book will be the second volume of the Springer-Verlag GmbH ‘Frontiers Collection’ which addresses issues connected to the technological singularity. It follows the earlier volume ‘Singularity Hypotheses‘ (see cover of first volume above), edited by Amnon Eden et-al, that provided a state-of-the-art insight into the thinking of leading singularity protagonists. However, since the publication of the first volume there has been an increased interest in the singularity, with people turning their mind on how the singularity may come to fruition, and how humankind can manage the journey to ensure that any singularity that might occur, would be positive. In turn, this has led to a number of significant movements emerging, particularly with regard to AI Safety.Thus, in addition to covering topics such as the intelligence explosion, whole brain emulation, transhumanism and acceleration theories this volume pick up on the AI Safety movement. It aims to discuss how work that contributes to the technological singularity might be managed to produce an outcome that is beneficial to all. In this way, Volume 2 adds to, and complements, Volume 1.

Book Structure

Contributions go through a  formal peer review process (akin to a journal). The book comprises 300-400 pages with some 20 chapters (of 15 pages) with the following structure:

  • Forwards:
  • Introduction by the editors
  • PART 2 – MANAGING THE SINGULARITY PROCESS (the bulk of the book)
  • PART 3 – COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES (including emerging movements and blog activities)

Information on layout and formatting chapters can be found at this link (please use the Microsoft WORD template)

Audience the “scientifically literate non-specialist” (avoiding unnecessary jargon)

Editorial board:  James Miller (Smith College, USA), Roman Yampolskiy (University of Louisville, USA), Stuart Armstrong (Oxford University, UK) & Vic Callaghan (Essex University, UK) ,

Key Dates:
  • 15th May 2015: Receipt of abstracts
  • 6th March 2015: full chapters (6000 words)
  • 30th June – Receipt of amended chapters
  • 31st July – Return of papers to authors for final adjustments
  • 31st August – Receipt of final print ready versions of chapters
  • 30th September 2016 – Delivery of book to publishers
  • Target publication: 2017
Useful Information
  1. Author Guidance Notes (Singularity Volume 2)
  2. Copyright agreement (Consent to Publish in Singularity Volume 2)
  3. Call For Chapters (Singularity Volume 2)
  4. The Singularity Blog
  5. Chapters from Volume 1 that are publicly available: