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General Overview (versión en Español disponible)

The Creative Science Foundation (CSf) offers vacation schools and training courses for students, designed to enhance their creative talents.  At the core of the learning activity is creativity, a skill that is essential to success in education, business or life in general. CSf courses provide an opportunity to learn and practice creative thinking skills using a cutting-edge technique, Science-Fiction Prototyping (or SFP, for short) that was pioneered by Intel, the world’s most innovative and successful high-tech business.  It functions by setting creative processes into an engaging and motivating context involving writing short stories about the future. Part of the process involves brain-storming for new ideas, the other part concerns encapsulating ideas in a small story that acts as a means to a) describe the innovation, b) show how it might be used by people and c) to test the idea by exploring how well it fits into future lifestyles, as part of the story. In addition, this process helps students to practice their written and oral English language skills which are important for today’s international world.  The CSf activities apply SFP techniques to a range of topics, so check out the descriptions below, to see it there is something that interests you. If you don’t see anything that suits you now, either check back later (we will be adding more) or email us with your suggestion; we are especially keen to hear from companies, universities or agents that may be interested in working with us.

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Training Courses
  • Malaysian training course on ‘Creativity & Product Innovation’
Summer School Programmes
Creative Science Foundation (CSf)

The Creative Science Foundation‘s mission is to support and promote the application of creative efforts to explore scientific, technological, businesses and societal  innovations. The core methodology is the use of science fiction  stories, grounded in the present, to serve as ‘prototypes’ that explore how innovations might effect future technology, business and society. It does this by offering a wide range of educational activities including workshops, conferences, publications, training courses and schools. The Creative -Science website offers  many resources  (eg online articles, books, videos and papers) for those wishing to learn more about the foundation or its activities, see www.creative-science.org.