Holonovels 2018

CSf Holonovels:  New Frontiers for Engaging Arts and Sciences in Innovation

4th of September 2018

Ravensbourne University, Greenwich Peninsula, London SE10 0EW, United Kingdom

The second  CSf Holonovel Workshop was hosted by the European Association For Innovation (EAI) at the conference ‘Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Education 2018 (TIE’18)”. The focal point for the workshop, was the concept of the  STAR TREK ® Holodeck which was used as as inspiration for the stories and discussions. In general, a Holodeck is a space in which simulations of people,  objects and environments exist, which seem to be so real in nature that they can be interacted with in ways that are essentially identical to the real physical world. It featured in many Star Trek productions such as the Star Trek Next Generation, Season 6 Episode 12, Ship in a Bottle. The Holodeck is, of course, an imaginary concept but its futuristic nature acted as a catalyst for innovative ideas that are intended to be transferable to our own world. In this way the Holonovel Workshop provided an enabling forum to discuss a range of innovation topics from new technologies to societal developments.

In support of this theme, the workshop called for the narrative contributions in the form of  “Holonovels” (see end-note) or methodologies for creating or applying them resulting in creating the following programme of presentations.

The Structure of Holonovels

Holonovels’ are structured like any academic paper with a title, abstract, Introduction (setting out the reasons for writing the ‘holonovel’), background (any supporting external work or ideas that have motivated or can contextualise the ‘holonovel’), the fictional narrative (the story that illustrates the use of the idea) which is the largest section (and main focus of the paper) and a short reflection that discusses how the holonovel might influence the future (eg areas that might be important to investigate through research, aspects that, if realised in reality, might be particularly beneficial or, perhaps dangerous etc). The length of a holonovel depends on the restrictions imposed by the host conference but can be anything between  6-15 pages.

Holonovel 2018 Presentation Programme
Keynote Talk: Innovation & entrepreneurship (Shared with TIE’18)
Speaker: Prof Richard Scase

Richard Scase

Richard Scase is an Emeritus Professor of Organisational Change at the University of Kent and visiting professor at the University of London, Beijing University, Auckland (New Zealand) and Monash University (Australia). As an entrepreneur, Professor Scase has co-founded and sold two successful media businesses: a major radio station serving the south-east of England, and an on-line provider of learning materials for corporate management development programmes. For many years he has advised men and women on business start-up and growth strategies. He therefore has an affinity with business audiences, reflected in the high volume of practical, useful advice he packs into each engagement. He has written regular columns for Business Voice (the official monthly publication of the CBI) and the Observer newspaper. Furthermore, he has been commissioned to write policy-focused, official reports for government and other statutory bodies. He is the author of over 24 books, including Britain in 2010: The Changing Business Landscape, which painted such a vivid picture of the future that it influenced a swathe of UK government policy, as well as being critically acclaimed worldwide. In his most recent work, Global Remix; The Fight for Competitive Advantage he explores the impact of incipient global trends – technological, economic, demographic, cultural, political and social – on both businesses and individuals. Professor Scase was recently voted one of the Top Ten most influential people in Britain on personnel/human resource management issues by Personnel Today magazine. In addition, he is a former winner of the prestigious European Business Speaker of the Year Award.

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