Call for Papers

We invite submissions that offer perspectives based around these main themes/tracks:

  • Global Entrepreneur Forum
    • Welcome real-life entrepreneurs’ story telling and presentation
    • Entrepreneur case studies, the role and impact, success factors, characteristics & behavioural patterns, practice and research
  • Technology Innovation
    • For example: disruptive technologies and innovation, current technological innovation management issues and the sociology of innovation.
    • How entrepreneurs use emerging  technologies like Blockchain / Cryptcurrency, Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT) to create the future business economy and society
  • Non-technological Innovation
    • For example: Business model innovation, innovative managerial approaches, customer/supplier relationship innovation models etc.
    • Sociology of innovation: how cultures influence the diffusion of innovation? What factors influence the green innovation? How to develop innovation ecosystems?
  • Future Perspectives
    • For example: visions of future businesses operations and structures, future products & services and future societies.
  • PhD Workshop
    • Welcome conceptual papers, short papers and PhD project poster demo in the areas of the above four themes