GEIC 2020

7th Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation Conference (GEIC)
– The Global Entrepreneur, Innovation and the Future
At Canterbury, UK
On 27th – 28th August 2020

Conference Venue: Old Session House
(address: CCCU Canterbury Campus)

The aim of GEIC is to bring entrepreneurs, practitioners, academics, researchers and policy makers together to actively shape an inclusive and sustainable future. It will explore the potential synergies from pooling different perspectives on global entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies, non-technological innovation, sustainability and future studies. It aims to empower participants to engage in strategic dialogues and debates around emerging technologies across organisations, institutions, countries and global markets.

The Central Theme: We live in a world that is experiencing unprecedented change and a seismic shift in the technological development process. To understand these changes and better envisage the future, this conference addresses the questions:

  • How do entrepreneurs drive changes in the global marketplace?
  • What are the emerging and revolutionary technologies that are influencing the marketplace?
  • Maintaining a sustainable future requires harnessing and maximizing technological innovation. How can we equitably improve the functioning of ‘global innovation system’ for sustainable development technologies?
  • What is the role of non-technological innovation, such as business models and marketing innovations in a firm’s business development and success?

Call for papers

We invite submissions that offer perspectives based around these four themes:

  • Global Entrepreneurs
    o For example: their role and impact, characteristics & behavioural patterns.
    o Entrepreneurship Forum: We invite real-life entrepreneurs contribute to our discussion forum by telling their stories and sharing their visions of the future business.
  • Technology Innovation
    o For example: disruptive technologies and innovation, current technological innovation management issues and the sociology of innovation.
  • Non-technological Innovation
    o For example: Business model innovation, innovative managerial approaches, customer/supplier relationship innovation models etc.
  • Future Perspectives
    o For example: visions of future businesses operations and structures, future products future services and future societies.

In addition to research or empirical papers, we also welcome conceptual papers, case studies, short papers and PhD project poster demo for PhD Workshop.

Paper submission

All conference papers will be peer reviewed and selected for acceptance and publication in the conference proceedings. A selection of high-quality conference papers will be invited for publication as book chapters in an edited book, “Entrepreneurship, Emerging Technologies and Future Perspective” in 2021 (Springer). There will be opportunity to submit to Special Issues at academic journals, Futures, Technological Forecasting and Social Change (TFSC), Journal of Business Venturing (JBV) and Journal of Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies (JEEE).

Participant Requirement

All participants require attending the conference in person as skype presentation is not permitted.

Best Paper Award: GEIC 2020 will provide Best Paper Award for four papers. (Note: The editor of JEEE, Dr Jun Li, will arrange the ‘cash awards’ sponsorship with Emerald Publisher and confirm it before the end of 2019. The host/co-host will issue Award certificate.)

The Background of GIEC: It was founded in 2013 by a group of experts and scholars from China, the Netherlands, Israel and the United Kingdom. It aims to promote the development of global entrepreneurship and innovation, interdisciplinary research and international collaboration. The conference has been successfully hosted for six consecutive years in different countries across the world.

The Host Organizations

  • Christ Church Business school, Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU), UK
  • Creative Science Foundation (CSf), UK

Collaborative partnerships (sponsors to be added)

  • The Research Centre for China Public Economy Research at Jilin University
  • Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce (tbc)
  • Kent County Council (tbc)

Full Scope & Topics

We call for research papers (both conceptual and empirical studies), practical reports or case studies from different disciplines within the following scope and perspectives:

Global Entrepreneurship Forum: (Panel Chair: Prof Richard Scase, visiting professor at CCCU)
• Discussion forum for invited entrepreneur speakers on telling their stories, sharing their future visions and case studies.
• Born-global entrepreneurial business ventures: characteristics, global opportunities, international networks and resources management
• Global entrepreneurs: role and impact, case studies, characteristics & behavioural pattern
• Firm growth in the global marketplace: SOE global entrepreneurship and go global strategy, SOE international competitiveness; global market management and global supply chain development; SMEs’ growth and internationalization.

Technology innovation: (Panel Chair: Prof Vic Callaghan, visiting professor at CCCU)
• Disruptive technologies and innovation:
– Electronics (micro-electronics, Nano-electronics)
– IT (next generation computing, robotics, AI, VR/AR, IoT)
– Bio-engineering (genetic engineering, virus engineering etc)
– Mechanical engineering (driverless cars, smart agriculture, robotics)
– Crypto currencies (e.g. Bitcoin) and future trends

• Sustainable development technologies and innovation
– Environmental engineering (climate change, carbon capture, energy electrification etc)
– Manufacturing process innovation
– Innovative methods to minimize plastic waste and pollution

• Current technological innovation management issues and challenges in public vs private sectors

Non-technological Innovation (Panel Chair: Dr Shuanping Dai, University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany)
• Business model innovation: crowd models, marketing communication innovation models, innovative managerial approaches, customer/supplier relationship innovation models etc.
• Innovation policy and management issues in organisations
• Sociology of innovation: the influence of culture in the diffusion of innovations, innovation and sustainability, institutions in innovation systems, innovation ecosystems, social capital in innovation networks

Future Perspectives: (Panel Chair: Dr Faiyaz Doctor, University of Essex)
• Scenarios that describe visions of future businesses operations and structures
• Scenarios that describe future products
• Scenarios that describe future services
• Scenarios that describe future societies (and their effect on business)
PhD Workshop (Panel Chair: Dr Richard McManus, CCCU)
• Conceptual/case study/short paper on entrepreneurship, innovation, technology and future perspectives
• Poster display on PhD projects
• Special speakers on how to publish PhD thesis

Paper Submission

Papers should be submitted through the online CSf ‘EMS’ system and should be formatted as described in the CSf (insert author kits link here)

Papers will be judged on originality, correctness, clarity and relevance. Submitted papers must be original work and may not be under consideration for another conference or journal. Submission of the paper implies agreement of the author(s) to attend the conference and present the paper if accepted. Full details of submission procedures are available (link here)


All accepted papers will be published by Springer and made available through SpringerLink Digital Library, one of the world’s largest scientific libraries, before January 2021. (tbc)

Proceedings are submitted for inclusion to the leading indexing services: EI Elsevier, ISI Thomson’s Scientific and Technical Proceedings at Web of Science, Scopus, CrossRef, Google Scholar, DBLP, as well as EAI’s own EU Digital Library (EUDL).


The Early Bird Member fee (before 30th June): £300 + £50 gala dinner
Standard Registration Fee (before 30th July): £350 + £50 gala dinner
PG/PhD Student:  £210

Online payment will be enabled here later.

Key dates (provisional subject to change)

Call for papers announcement – 30th November 2019
Abstract submission (1-2 A4 pages) – 31st Jan 2020 (structured abstract) purpose, rationale, contributions
Notification of abstract acceptance – 15th Feb 2020
Full Paper Submission deadline – 30th April 2020
Notification deadline – 15th June 2020
Camera-ready deadline – 15th July 2020

Organising Committee and Roles

– General Chairs:
Dr Ping Zheng; Dr Christopher Russell; CCCU
– Honourable Chairs:
Prof Li Zheng, Jilin University; Prof Tsvi Vinig, Amsterdam University; founders of GEIC
– Programme Chairs:
Prof Vic Callaghan & Prof David Crawford, CSf
– Local Chairs:
Sarah Taylor, PA to HoS; Claire Street, PhD researcher, CCCU
– Publication Chairs:
Dr Angelica Reyes-Munoz, UPC, Spain
– Marketing Chairs:
Dr Andrew Jackson; Gareth Ward, CCCU
– PhD Workshop Chair:
Dr Richard McManus, CCCU
– Conference facilitators:
Rongdi Qiu, PhD researcher; Xini Hu, PhD researcher, CCCU;
Yiqin Wang, Yuanbo Gao, PhD researcher, Jilin University

Steering Committee Members

– Dr Chris Russell, CCCU
– Dr Ping Zheng, CCCU
– Prof Victor Callaghan, CSf
– Prof David Crawford, CSf

Review Board & Editorial Team (tbc)