The DREAM Franchise

The main objective of this initiative is to capture the interest of children, particularly those living in disadvantaged circumstances such as poverty, to help them envision and reach a better future, thereby benefiting them, their families and their communities. The CSf ‘DREAM’ initiative does this using a methodology taken, literally, straight out of the pages of science-fiction but with the credibility of some of the worlds largest companies (it was invented by Brian Johnson, a then  employee of Intel, the worlds most advanced manufacturer of the electronics).  The method is called Science Fiction Prototyping and is simple and cheap enough as to allow all children, irrespective of their financial situation, to participate since it simply involves writing short stories or drawing pictures that depict gadgets, the world or circumstances they would like to create. These stories, or drawings become a prototype that a child can go on to develop through various means. In our case, we focus on  on science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM), using Science Fiction Prototyping . We don’t stop at stories or drawings but, depending on the child’s age and wishes, we take them through the full development path from paper prototypes to full working devices based on ‘Maker‘ ideas that involve 3D printing, electronic construction and computer programming (although this is all modularised so that the level of detailed involved can be adjusted to suit a particular child).

To motivate children to think about the future, we have chosen to start with an Internet-of-Things theme. This fits well with our ambition to reduce the financial barriers to STEAM education, so as to enable every child to get the education needed to allow them to realise their full potential.

Our journey has only just begun and we would welcome the participation and help of anyone that is interested and able to assist us in this mission. We would like to establish a franchise of groups in different countries, building on the ‘DREAM Mexico‘ work. In particular we are looking for teachers who are willing to offer CSf DREAM workshops (in any country), or companies / individuals who would sponsor some of the robot kits we give the children at the workshops (and allow them to keep, so they may continue their work beyond the workshops). If you are interested in assisting us in any of these ways, please contact Victor Zamudio by clicking the email link at the bottom of this page.

About the CSf DREAM Initiative

The CSf DREAM initiative arose from work that Victor Zamudio began in Mexico, in 2016, helping children to escape the trap of low expectations, that poverty can cause. He had a dream, where people that have been more fortunate in life, particularly those from Science & Engineering who owe their success to education, would be empowered to ‘offer a helping  hand’ to show those who dream of better lives, that education coupled with science and engineering can provide the means to change their future. Thus he started the ‘Dream Initiative’ which he now directs. If you are interested in any of these options please contact Victor Zamudio by clicking the email link at the bottom of this page.

Current DREAM Initiatives
  • Dream Mexico
  • We hope to add your country soon, so email us if you can run a workshop!
Victor Zamudio – The Director of the CSF Dream franchise

Brief Bio
  • PhD in Computer Science. University of Essex, UK.
  • MSc in Computer Science. ITESM, México.
  • BSc In Physics and Mathematics. FC-UASLP, México.
  • Member of the Mexican National Research System (SNI-c)
  • Founder of the software development cell of the Instituto Tecnológico de León (2010)
  • Founder and Advisor of the IEEE Student Branch (Institute of Electric and Electronic Engineers) of the León Technological Institute (2012)
  • Alternate Councilor of the Technological Institute of León before the Guanajuato Tecnologico Park
  • Member of the Mexican Society of Computer Science
  • Director CSF DREAM Franchise
Contact Details

Contact Victor Zamudio on  email, Linkedin or


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