General Overview (A Spanish version is also available)

The main objective of this initiative is to capture the interest of kids, focusing on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), using the innovative methodology known as Science Fiction Prototyping.

In particular this initiative is interested on disadvantaged kids from rural or suburban communities, who usually cannot have Access to this kind of activities.


Each session of these workshops has the following phases:

  1. Introduction: Science and/or technology concepts are explained in a simple way.
  2. Guided lab:  the facilitator guides the kids in order to apply the concepts in phase 1.
  3. μ-Sci Fi Stories: The kids imagine how could it be apply in the future in their every day’s life, drawing or writing a short story.
  4. Makers: The kids build a prototype using recycled and low cost materials, which can be customized (functionality, colours, innovation, etc) accordingly to the μ-Sci Fi Stories.
  5. Final Presentation: The kids make a short presentation, explaining the main characteristics of their prototypes.


Dream México has been running successfully during 2016 in León Guanajuato. The feedback provided by the youngsters attending these workshops has been very encouraging, showing their interest and developing several skills while writing short science fiction stories and building prototypes focusing in topics such as “Home of the Future” and “Robots”.