The Foundation

The Creative Science Foundation is a voluntary organization (a charity) set up to support, explore and promote the application of methods that encourage creative (and, perhaps, multidisciplinary) thought processes as part of science and engineering innovation. It does this through various activities such as promoting and sponsoring workshops, seminars, conferences, journals, publications and projects.

The Foundation Aims:

  1. To be the primary affiliation for all people interested in using creative arts for science and engineering innovation.
  2. To foster Creative Science globally
  3. To maintain a leading learned publications in the discipline.
  4. To arrange a number of learned meetings in the discipline.
  5. To promote the Creative Science discipline in education.
  6. To use Creative Science as a means of engaging government, industry, society and other relevant bodies in the future direction of science and engineering funding research and development.
  7. To fund scholarly work aimed at advancing the goals of creative science (e.g. University research, student scholarships etc.)
  8. To lobby the relevant agencies in support of the discipline, its resources and artifacts.
  9. To raise funding and increase the membership of the Creative Science foundation.


The core methodology is the use of creative arts (e.g. writing, films, plays, dance etc.) as a means to motivate and direct research into science and engineering. The main (but not exclusive) methodology is the use of science fiction stories, grounded in existing science and engineering research, which are written for the explicit purpose of acting as prototypes for people to explore a wide variety of futures. These ‘prototypes’ can be created by scientists and engineers to stretch their work or by, for example, writers, film/stage directors, school children and members of the public to influence the work of researchers. The outcomes of these interactions are then fed back, to shape the science research and outputs. In this way the fictional prototypes act as a way of involving the widest section of the population in determining the science research agenda, thereby making science investment, and science output more useful to everyone ranging from companies, through scientists and engineers to the public, consumers and the government that indirectly fund research and development and help shape the future we all share.

Opportunities to Get Involved

If you are interested in being part of the Creative Science Foundation, there are numerous ways for doing this, depending on your position, interest and resources.

On the educational side we are interested in working with schools and universities in developing curricula or competitions to help develop students creative abilities. We already have some Universities using Creative Science methods but we are keen to form new relationships and develop new courseware and activities.

At a company level, Creative Science methods are useful for product innovation. The Creative Science methodology originated inside Intel as a practical means to explore product innovation and, if your company is interested in exploring the use of these methods we would be keen to talk to you.

If you are skilled in the creative arts (e.g., writing, film making, drawing…) or science, engineering or business and feel you could contribute to our activities, contact us.

Finally, our charitable activities, particularly those revolving around education, require funding and we are especially interested in hearing from potential sponsors of the foundation. We have a range of levels to fit all types of sponsor.

For more information on any of these, please contact us.