• Imagine 2014

    If you could create the future, what would you build? Come along for a hands-on introduction to writing SciFi Prototypes.

  • The 21st Century Robot

    Learn how to build your personal robot!

  • CS’14

    30th June - 2nd July July 2014

    Write and present a short SciFi story about how you want technology to shape the future.



  • Learn About the Foundation

    Find out what the Creative Science Foundation is all about and how you can meet us at the intersection of creative thinking, business, science & engineering.

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The Future is Yours to Design

The Creative Science Foundation (CSf) is a charitable organization, developed with the goal of helping to support and promote the application of creative efforts to scientific and technological innovations.

The core methodology of CSf is the use of science fiction as a means to explore, inform, and influence future scientific research and development. Sci Fi stories, grounded in current science, can serve as ‘prototypes’ that explore the possible implications of research and technology on humans, societies, and the world.

These science fiction prototypes can be written by anyone: professional writers, scientists, engineers, film/stage directors, school children or any member of the public. Because of this, these stories act as a way of involving the widest section of the population to help set the science research agenda. thereby making science investment, and science output more useful to everyone ranging from companies, through scientists and engineers to the public, consumers and the government that indirectly fund Research & Development.

The Foundation’s work culminates in an annual International CSf Conference in which scientists, writers, researchers, artists, and the general public come together to explore the role of creativity and science fiction prototypes on the science research agenda.

We have many resources available here at the site for those who care to learn more about the CSf or the science fiction prototype process. There are online articles, books, videos and papers that we recommend for further information.

 **Latest News**A new book from Intel’s Futurist, Brian David Johnson, is soon to be published; “Nebulous Mechanisms”. The aim of the book is to introduce readers and hobbyists to the skills of Science Fiction Prototyping via the use of a set of short stories about a robot called Jimmy, together with tools and guidance for building your own “21st Century Robot” details of this book are available from http://shop.oreilly.com/product/0636920026693.do


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